WayCap is compatible with machines that use the Nespresso system (see the list of Nespresso compatible machines) and works with coffee blends purchased in stores, supermarkets, or directly from coffee merchants.

With regard to the blend, we recommend buying coffee ground for moka pots, which is coarser than coffee ground for espresso. This recommendation is mostly for coffee purchased in stores or supermarkets because coffee merchants have more options available.

When using coffee ground for moka pots, the best result is usually obtained using considerable pressure while filling the capsule. The best way to fit the most coffee in the pod is to add a little pressure for every half teaspoon of coffee added. After making a few cups, you will be able to produce real espresso, like the kind you can buy in a coffee shop.

If you choose to use an espresso grind, we recommend avoiding blends that are too finely ground. In general, we suggest beginning with a small amount of pressure. Here is an example of one way to fill the capsule:

  • after positioning the dispenser over the pod, insert a teaspoon almost full of coffee
  • apply very light pressure
  • nsert the second teaspoon and even the coffee out, adding or removing excess coffee if the amount of coffee is over the line inside the dispenser
  • close and begin to make the espresso

The next time, increase or decrease the pressure based on how the previous cup turned out.

If you buy coffee from a coffee merchant, ask for a grind that is somewhere between that for a moka pot and that for espresso, because this type of grind is best to maximize the extraction of the most important flavors. After this, decide which grinds and blends to use according to your personal tastes.