Shipping Fees Included

Trio 250g Biannual Subscription

167,40  every 6 months

Shipping fees included

You will receive 3x250g packs of freshly toasted and grinded WayCap coffee each month, directly at home and 1 free Basic Kit on the first month.

The coffee is specifically roasted and grinded for WayCap capsules.

How it works:

you pay for six months in advance and we’ll give you 1 Basic Kit (1 capsule + 1 manual dispenser) for free. The first month you’ll receive the capsule and the three 250 gram blends. From the second month onward only the chosen blends. From the second month onward, if you tell us your favourite ones, we’ll send you three 250 gram packs of your chosen blends.
The subscription is automatically renewed after six months unless you cancel it beforehand.

Trio 250 is a kit of all WayCap blends at a special price:

– Bebop – 100% Arabica – 250g
– Cool – 70% Arabica – 30% Robusta – 250g
– Fusion – 60% Arabica – 40% Robusta – 250g – Organic Coffee

This product is available only for EU customers.