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WayCap, the Nespresso compatible capsule is a way to discover the quality of coffee and the time to enjoy it.

It wouldn’t be a real lunch without a coffee, it wouldn’t be a real chat, a real break, a real Italy.

WayCap is an Italian product, conceived in Italy to go way beyond its borders. Because coffee is also that aroma that stays with you even when you aren’t drinking it.

The idea of espresso coffee came about in Turin in 1884 with Turin’s Angelo Moriondo. And we wanted to offer an excellent, sustainable espresso that was in line with our clients’ tastes, the flavors they seek out and the time they carve out for themselves to drink it.

We chose Turin as the place to make our idea become a reality, relying on local companies in our city, right within the city limits. We liked the idea that our product would not have to travel far even in its manufacture.

What we like about Turin is that, traditionally, big industry and small artisans have worked together to take mechanical production to levels of international excellence.

WayCap was conceived and made in Italy, dreamed up by  Matteo, Davide and Matteo to bring together design and local artisans.