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The pressure applied with the tamper in the filling phase plays a very important role in the making of a good coffee, as the best baristas teach us. Did you know that the taste of coffee changes depending on the amount of pressure you use?

Our advice is to play with it until you find the right balance for you and not to tamp the coffee in the capsule too much, especially if you are using an espresso blend, which is finely ground.

With the interchangeable filters paired with the right pressure, your coffee will be stronger or lighter. If the blend is finely ground, it’s better to use the filter with more slots, if the grind is coarse, the filter with fewer slots is better. We have created a video to help you:

Begin by applying a light pressure, then increase it depending on the extraction. There is no absolute optimal amount of pressure, it depends on the size of the grind, which changes from coffee to coffee.

After a few easy tests, you’ll be able to find the perfect balance, we show you how in these videos on our YouTube channel.