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Our WayCap capsule is easy to use: with just a little practice in 20 seconds you can enjoy a barista-quality coffee and choose your own blend.

At our shop you can buy both our coffee and the pod. You can buy the capsule either on its own or in combination with the coffee



Every package includes a dispenser to help you refill the pod without wasting even an ounce of coffee.

With the dispenser, you can:

  • fill WayCap without making a mess, pressing the coffee down in a uniform manner with the tamper.
  • carry with you two capsules filled with coffee inside the dispenser closed at both ends, so you can enjoy your coffee wherever you want.
  • fill your capsule up to the line evenly and accurately.


We’ve added ridges along the body of the capsule so that your WayCap is easier to open and close and quickly screw or unscrew.

The ridges also help disperse heat quickly so that after just a couple of minutes you can make another coffee without burning yourself.

Wait a minute, empty the pod, clean it and use it as many times as you want.