We suggest that you buy the capsules and our dispenser, which has simplicity as its strength, together.

Its unique shape has been perfected to allow for easy and quick refilling of the pod with powdered coffee without making a mess and with the ability to use a uniform pressure, thanks to the handy coffee press.

The dispenser also holds two capsules and can be closed using two stoppers on either end. This way, you can bring your favorite capsule with you and enjoy the taste of your coffee wherever you are.


How to Use the Dispenser



Infinitely Reusable



Screwing and unscrewing the pod is made easier by the knurl present along the body that allows you to open and close your WayCap capsule quickly and without using force. The knurl also allows for quick heat dissipation once the coffee has been dispensed.

This means that the pod can be unscrewed and cleaned very shortly after brewing. In this way, the capsule can be quickly refilled without the risk of burning yourself. We recommend waiting at least five minutes before handling the capsule after brewing.


According to the best baristas, the pressure exerted while filling the capsule plays a very important role in the quality of the coffee, because variations in pressure can notably change its taste.

We recommend starting with a pressure that isn’t too high, and after seeing the results, increasing the pressure until you arrive at your perfect espresso. There isn’t an absolute ideal pressure because different blends have different size particles.

After a few simple tests, you’ll be able to find the perfect balance.


20 Seconds Needed for Refilling