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How do you improve on really good coffee? With just a couple of hints on temperature. Coffee should warm not just the cockles of your heart.

So here are some suggestions as to how to bring your coffee’s temperature to boiling!

Heat up the cup before pouring in the coffee, or pour in half a cup of water from your Nespresso coffee machine, after it’s heated up to the right temperature.

This little trick will help you keep your coffee machine clean and make it last longer and it will allow you to enjoy a better, warmer, and more authentic cup of coffee.

But there’s more. We want you to become an expert barista so we’ll tell you one of the secrets to making a good coffee.

You’ve filled your capsule, you’ve tamped the coffee properly. Now, you’ll need to let some boiling water inside the capsule, just a few drops.

Press the flow button, let it run until a drop or two of coffee begins to drip out. Then press the button to stop everything, then wait a few seconds before starting it again. This is called pre-infusion, and you can watch how it’s done in this suggestions video: