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WayCap is a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly in all steps of its production.

We imagined a refillable capsule to help you do what you love better, which is taking care of the planet, something we also love to do.

With this small gesture you can avoid producing a ton of waste and do what’s right, for the environment and for future generations. Have you ever imagined that a good espresso coffee could help you make your contribution and improve the quality of life for everyone?

WayCap the stainless steel compatible capsule was conceived  in order to produce no other waste than coffee grounds.

And you can use these coffee grounds too: as degreaser, as compost, as home deodorizer, for a revitalizing massage or, when tapped on some cotton wool, to cover the scratches on wood surfaces.

The WayCap capsules are designed to be used an infinite amount of times.

The impact on the environment is minimal in every step of their production process:

  • Every element of the capsule, gaskets included, are produced right next to the storage warehouse and only travel once to reach your home.
  • The packaging is minimal and completely recyclable.
  • The space occupied is minimal in order to reduce the impact on the environment, even during the storage and the shipping processes.