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Your questions about the capsule

Is the capsule sold with coffee inside?

No, the capsule is empty. It’s either sold empty or combined with one of our other products.

You’ll need to fill it with coffee yourself, and here you can see how:

How much coffee can I put into the capsule?

We created a manual dispenser to help you in case you don’t know how much coffee goes into a capsule. Our advice is to fill it until the coffee is level with the edge of the capsule. Depending on the pressure you put on the coffee and the kind of filter you use, the coffee will be lighter or stronger.

Is your capsule easy to use? Is it immediate?

As with all the actions we now perform automatically, like riding a bike, a little practice is needed to learn how to use our capsule well and without problems.

We prepared a  video to show you how it’s done, in less than two minutes.

How often do I need to replace the gaskets sold alongside the capsules?

The gaskets are guaranteed to last for a lifetime, but in case you lose them, there are some spare gaskets in each of our packages. In case you need more, you can always write to us.

Where can I buy the gaskets?

The gaskets are sold alongside the capsule. If you use the capsule correctly, the gaskets will last very long. They are made out of certified food grade silicone.

With which machines is the capsule compatible?

Pixie, Inissia, Essenza, Essenza Mini, Lattissima, U, Citiz, Expert, Prodigio, Maestria, Creatista e Kitchen Aid: do you have one of these models? If you don’t remember the name of the machine you own, watch this compatibility video.

In our shop we specify the compatibility of every product with our machines and their names, so you can’t go wrong!

Which coffee can I use? With which filter?

The compatible capsules  WayCap have a specific, tailored filter. If the coffee is finely ground, use the filter with more slits, if the coffee has a coarser grind, use the one with less slits. You can watch this explanatory video on the matter.

What can I do if have 6 people for dinner?

It takes more or less 40 seconds to fill a capsule, and with more experience the time decreases to around 20 seconds. You won’t risk burning your coffee while chatting and you’ll get the perfect, creamy coffee you want.

The coffee comes out watery: what can I do?

To help you solve this problem we’ve made a video.

How do I clean the capsule?

Remove the coffee with our ‘scovolino’ (cleaning stick) or with the teaspoon handle, then wash the capsule under running water.

Your questions about coffee and our blends

Can I only use your coffee with your capsules?

No, you can use it with a moka coffee pot, with a  French press or for dripped coffee. However, there’s a very solid marriage between our blends and our capsules. In fact, the Fusion, Cool and BeBop blends are ground and toasted in order to perfectly adapt to our WayCap capsule.

Your questions about how to purchase and how to return the products

Do you sell your products offline, too? Where can I find them?

You can find our products on our online shop or at our qualified dealers:

For Italy:

  • Naturasì:
  • Peters TeaHouse:

For Brazil:

  • Grão Gourmet:

I don’t have a PayPal account, is there any other way I can pay?

Of course! You can pay with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card.

How can I return a purchased product?

You can read about our  return policy  at our Right of withdrawal page, where you will find all the details.

How can I calculate shipping fees?

If you are purchasing any product from our e-commerce site, shipping fees are 10€/11$ for Europe, the US and Canada, 7 € for Italy and 12€/13.2$ for the rest of the world.

For orders of 49€/55$ or more, shipping is free for Europe, the US and Canada.

When is the product dispatched and how long does delivery take?

We take care of your order the very next day and ship it in three days. Usually it takes 5 to 7 days for your order to arrive, in Italy and worldwide.

Your questions if you are a distributor

I’m a distributor: how can I contact you? I’m a vendor: how can I contact you?

Send us an email at or fill the form on our Contact Us page. We’ll get back to you in a coffee or two!