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WayCap, the capsule compatible with the Nespresso system, is the result of Matteo, Davide and Matteo’s skills and ingenuity as well as their respect for the environment. This product immediately found 4,000 supporters throughout the world thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, making its way into your home.
There are many reasons to choose it.


It is a refillable pod with a patented design so you can make coffee that is as creamy and good as a professional one.

Created and Made in Italy

It has been conceived and made in Italy, in Turin, making the most of the skill of local artisans, with certified quality materials.


It is a way to have a positive impact on the environment, without polluting, a way to make a mark by merely drinking a coffee, reducing waste.

You Choose

With WayCap, you can choose the quality of your coffee, you know where the coffee comes from because you fill the capsule yourself and you can choose your favorite aroma.

You Save

You save by using an object that is practical, functional and easy to maintain.

Original Design

Every day, you make a choice that is environmentally friendly thanks to a product with original, one-of-a-kind design, drinking coffee in a way that makes you more mindful.