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Finally you can stop drinking coffee with an unknown origin, with no history or traceability.

We have three blends available in our shop. They are called:

  • BeBop
  • Cool
  • Fusion

The names are inspired by Jazz, another great passion of ours along with coffee. We are the three founding members of WayCap,  Matteo, Davide and Matteo.

BeBop, Cool and Fusion” are subgenres of Jazz. You can have our word and more information here about the aromas.

Two of ours blends, BeBop and Cool, are created in an old roasting factory in Turin. Expert hands blend our coffee, which in itself is a choice selection. With our blends you know exactly what you’re drinking.

Fusion is the third blend, an organic, certified fair trade product. The coffee roaster who produces it is Alessio Baschieri, a plantation expert from ‘Albero del Caffè’. A person who travels to the countries of origin to teach coffee planting and growing techniques. This is just to explain we are not improvising: we only like to improvise when we play Jazz.

Our dream is to one day have a mono origin coffee and to create a fourth blend called: Free, a caffeine free choice.


In choosing our blends we have focused on provenance and features such as:

  • the quality
  • the scent
  • the aroma
  • the freshness.

With regard to freshness, every pack of coffee has a valve to make it “breathe”. A good coffee must be fresh, at our store it is freshly toasted.

The packs for sale are of two kinds:

  • a large 250 grams one
  • a smaller 100 grams one

The 100-grams choice is handy if you want to try different types of coffee and then calmly choose your favorite, without wasting any.

Our blends are ground and toasted for use with our capsules, but they are also suitable for other methods, such as the moka.