Recicloo – Recycle Nespresso Aluminum Capsules – Red


WayCap Recicloo – Coffee Capsules Recycling Tool for Aluminum Pods Compatible with Nespresso. Empty and Recycle Coffee Capsules. Aluminum Capsule Recycler.

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Separate the coffee ground and recycle the aluminum coffee capsules in one shot!

Recicloo is compatible with Nespresso aluminum capsules and all brands that produce aluminum compatible pods. With Recicloo you can easily separate the coffee ground from the used aluminum pods.

Recicloo is 100% made of bio-based material with characteristics similar to traditional plastic, resistant, non-toxic, non-polluting, BPA-free and dishwasher safe.



1) Lift the top cylinder as shown in Figure 1
2) Place the used capsule with the film side facing down as shown in Figure 2 and press using both hands on the top cylinder. This operation will flip the capsule and drop the coffee into the collector
3) Remove the emptied capsule by hand as shown in Figure 3 and, after rinsing it under running water, recycle it in the aluminum bin as shown in Figure 4
4) Empty the coffee in the collector into the organic waste bin when it is full, removing the cap first, as shown in Figure 4



COMPATIBLE WITH NESPRESSO: Recicloo is a capsule recycler tool that can help you recycle your used coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso. It works with all aluminum pods compatible with Nespresso and it separates the coffee grounds from the aluminum capsule, so you can recycle the aluminum and use the coffee grounds for compost or put it in a food waste bin. It is not suitable for plastic compatible capsules

ECO FRIENDLY: Recicloo makes it simple for you to recycle your used capsules and coffee grounds from the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to worry anymore, your coffee recycling experience will be convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It is also made of a biomaterial derived from vegetable oils and produced by bacteria through a natural process. It is the alternative to traditional plastic of fossil origin, resistant and non-toxic

EASY TO USE: To use the Recicloo, you just need to put the used coffee pod on top of the container with the foil side down, press down the top cylinder with both hands and then rinse the capsule and pop it into the recycle bin. The bucket can hold up to 15 used pods. Please remember that Recicloo can only be used with aluminum pods.

DISHWASHER SAFE: The Recicloo is made of a tough biomaterial, can last a long time and it’s also dishwasher safe. To clean it, you can pour out the coffee grounds and rinse with running water or just put it in the dishwasher.

ITALIAN DESIGN: The Recicloo is small, light and has a nice satin-touch finish. It’s designed and made in Italy and it’s a perfect companion for your coffee machine and kitchen.