WayCap for Vertuoline – Basic Kit – 1 Cap


WayCap For Vertuoline Basic Kit – Reusable cap for Nespresso Vertuo and VertuoLine capsules, Refillable and Compatible. Food grade silicone. 100% Made in Italy. Pack of 1 cap.

Attention: the kit does not contain any capsule or pod

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WayCap for Vertuoline is a reusable cap for Nespresso Vertuo and VertuoLine made of food-grade silicone free from BPA and BPS. Now you can reuse your Vertuo disposable capsule as many times as you want, simply by removing the aluminum cover and replacing it with the WayCap reusable cap. The cap is made entirely in Italy, using the highest quality materials, it works with all the espresso blends on the market. Thanks to the WayCap reusable cap you can help stop pollution, saving up to 80% compared to disposable capsules and finally choose what you drink, without worries for your health.

The kit contains 1 silicone cap, 1 instruction booklet.

How it works

The WayCap cap must be used on original Nespresso® VertuoLine® capsules, whose aluminum cover must be removed, replacing it with the reusable WayCap cap, as described below:

1) On first use, remove the aluminum cover on the original capsule. For best results it is recommended to use a knife or any other sharp instrument, as shown in figure #1. Also wash the WayCap cap carefully when using it for the first time
2) Empty the capsule and, after having washed it, make sure the capsule and the cap are perfectly dry
3) Fill the capsule using a teaspoon as shown in figure #2, being careful not to go over the rim of the capsule
4) In the event that the coffee goes over the rim of the capsule, remove the excess coffee using the handle of the spoon
5) Insert the silicone cap into the capsule as shown in figure #3, making sure there are no coffee residues on the outer edge of the capsule itself.
6) Insert the capsule into the machine
7) Press the brewing key

Attention: the kit does not contain any capsule or pod