In a society that is increasingly less informed about tastes and personal choices, WayCap is a return to the discovery of our personal tastes.

With the ability to create your own personal blend, taking advantage of the possibility of purchasing coffee from all sorts of different places from the coffee merchant next door to the supermarket and from the organic foods shop to your favorite local café, you can save up to 95% with respect to the average cost of traditional disposable capsules. That’s not a typo. You read it right. When you buy blends directly from the manufacturer, you really can save that much.

If you prefer to buy the most high quality blends available, you can still save at least 50%. Not bad, right?

Why restrict yourself to the available blends from the big brands when you have the opportunity to design your perfect espresso yourself? You can decide whether to use an arabica and robusta blend in the proportions you prefer, or whether to try 100% arabica beans of the same or different origin, roast, and grind. Have you ever considered the possibilities? Interesting, right? And there’s more.

WayCap - Interchangeable tops

You’ll be the one to decide how much to compress the coffee inside WayCap, so that you can quickly pinpoint the ideal pressure for the coffee you’ve always wanted. Our manual dispenser has been perfected to allow for a quick refill of the pod without any waste. Using our handy press, you can easily fill the WayCap capsule at your desired pressure to obtain an excellent, creamy espresso.

We estimate that it’s possible to refill the pod in 40 seconds. It’s a truthful estimate (check out our useful tutorials in this regard), not the fastest speed imaginable but a realistic idea of the amount of time needed to refill the capsule. The minimum time required after you’ve had a little practice is around 25 to 30 seconds, which is the same amount of time that the machine needs to get the water to the right temperature.

If you were thinking that WayCap wasn’t an efficient solution time-wise with respect to traditional disposable capsules, it’s time to reevaluate. Check out our videos and see for yourself!